Zong Super Card All in One Bundles Weekly and Monthly

Zong Super Card all in one bundles offer is available in weekly and monthly and only Zong users can avail it.

If you are a Zong SIM user or planning MNP to this network, you will find details of Zong super card. This will include details of minutes, sms and internet.

Super card of Zong is available in 3 different types, below are its details:

  • Zong Super Card 300
  • Zong Super Card 500
  • Zong Super Card 750

You can get the desired Zong super card load. You can also recharge Zong account online, in just 2 minutes.

Zong Super Card All in One Bundles

If you are looking for low rates packages for internet, SMS, call free minutes, you can get it on Zong smart card. This package provides you free internet minutes, unlimited call minutes and fast Zong 4G internet offers speed.

Well, Zong all in one balance check for daily, weekly and monthly packages is very simple. It can be done by dialing a simple code from your phone.

Getting Zong super card details is very easy. You can get details of it from nearest retailer or from the Zong franchise. They will also provide you information on Zong supreme offer, which is another good deal.

There are several off net call packages that provide free minutes to Zong Pakistan sim users when they activate all in one bundles.

If you can’t afford Zong all in one 750 offer, don’t worry as you can get Zong mini super card. This card add free minutes for call and internet in your monthly bucket.

Zong Super Card All in One Bundles

Recharging Zong super card daily provides you 40 free minutes on net and 40 off net minutes. Below are details of the package:

  • Zong on-net free minutes = 40 Minutes
  • Zong off-net free minutes= 40 Minutes
  • Internet MBs data on daily package = 40 MB
  • Free SMS = 40
  • Package validity = 1 Day
  • Package subscription cost is just Rs. 20 per day.

How to Activate Daily Zong Super Card All in One

Method 1 –  Dial 310 from your mobile and select package 2 from the menu.

Method 2 – Type SMS ‘Daily20’ and send it to 6464.

How to Deactivate Zong Daily Super Card Package

Type SMS ‘UNSUB Daily20’ and send it to 6464.

I hope you will find this method easy to activate daily Zong all in one package.

Zong Weekly Super Card All in One Bundle

Zong Weekly Super Card

Weekly Zong super card offer charges are Rs. 350 only and provides you free Zong internet, minutes and SMS.

This is one of the best package for using Zong internet, below are details of Zong weekly super card:

  • Free on-net Zong minutes = 350
  • Zong off-net free minutes= 35
  • Weekly internet package = 350 MBs
  • Free SMS = 350
  • Package validity = 1 Week
  • Package subscription charges is just Rs. 130 per week.

How to Activate Weekly Zong Super Card Bundles

Method 1 – Dial *6464# and from the menu select option 3 and from the next menu select 2. This will activate the weekly Zong package.

Method 2 – Type in sms “Weekly130” and send it to 6464.

To deactivate weekly Zong super load package follow the steps below:

Dial *6464# and select the following option in similar order – 3 then 2 and again 2.

Other method of deactivation is type ‘Unsub Weekly130’ and send it to 6464.

Monthly Zong Super Card All in One Bundles

Zong Super Card All in One Bundles

There are four different types of monthly Zong packages. We are going to share all of them below:

Zong Monthly Super Card 350

Zong Rs. 350 super card package offers you following:

  • Zong free on-net call minutes= 700 +tax
  • Super card monthly off-net call minutes = 70
  • Internet limit on super card monthly = 700 MBs
  • Free SMS on Zong 350 monthly package = 700
  • Validity of 350 monthly super card  = one month
  • Subscription charges = Rs. 350

How to Activate Monthly Zong 350 Super Card

Type in sms ‘Monthly350’ and send it to 6464.

To deactivate super monthly Zong package you need to send an SMS ‘Unsub Monthly350’ to 6464.

Zong Monthly Super Card 500 All in One Supreme Offer

Monthly Zong Super Card 500

This is another economical package that is offered in form of Rs. 500 Zong super card to monthly users. Below are the details of this Zong monthly package:

  • Free Zong to Zong call minutes = 1500
  • Zong to other networks free call minutes = 150
  • Zong internet packages monthly on super card = 1500 MBs
  • Free SMS to any network = 1500
  • Validity of Monthly Rs. 500 Super Card = 1 month
  • Package charges = Rs. 500 (including tax)

Visit your nearest Zong retail shop and tell him to send you Zong super load of Rs. 500. On getting the load all the packages will be activated automatically.

To deactivate Zong monthly package 500 send a simple SMS ‘Unsub Monthly500’ to 6464.

Zong Super Card Monthly 599

Below are the details of all in one bundles that you will get on activation of this package

  • Free on net minutes = Unlimited
  • Off net call minutes = 0
  • Zong free internet data = 2 GB
  • SMS bundles = 500 per day for full month
  • Validity of package = one month
  • Package activation charges = Rs. 599

Activation of Zong monthly package is very simple. To deactivate this package send an SMS ‘Home1’ to 6565.

Zong Super Card 750 Supreme Offer Monthly All in One

This package is best for Zong internet users and also offer fast net speed full month. This is what you will get on activating this bundle:

  • Free Zong to Zong call = 3000 minutes
  • Zong to other network call minutes = 300 minutes
  • Monthly Zong internet packages limit = 3GB
  • SMS for full month = 3000
  • Zong bundle validity = one month
  • Activation charges = Rs. 750 (exclusive of tax)

Just tell your retailer to send you Zong 750 super load, that’s it. To deactivate this package send ‘Unsub Monthly750’ to 6464.

Hope you will find all the relevant details of Zong monthly packages above. These bundles provides you unlimited call minutes, SMS and internet data after subscribing to Zong super card.