Zong Successfully Launched 4G Powered Smart Car Solution

Zong 4G, the leading mobile network of Pakistan top 2017 with its digital innovation and has started 2018 with a bang. Yesterday, Zong successfully launched 4G powered smart car solution for its customers.

Turn your car into a smart car with Zong 4G powered smart car solution.

Newly announced Zong 4G powered smart car solution will bring users in new digital world. The company is offering 3 mind-blowing features in one single device known as OBD-II device. Below are some amazing features of Zong OBD-II device.

Zong Successfully Launched 4G Powered Smart Car Solution

  • Allows users to convert their vehicle into a wi-fi hotspot, that connects up-to 10 devices.
  • Provide details of car important statistics such as RPM, Speed, Fuel Level and Mileage. All this will be done in real time.
  • It also act as a tracker. User can track his vehicle in real time, define fences and safe zones. You will receive notification related to movement of vehicle.

Zong Successfully Launched 4G Powered Smart Car Solution – Press Release

Here is the complete press release issued by Zong 4G:

ISLAMABAD – January 16, 2018: Leading the digital innovation in the industry, Zong 4G started the New Year, 2018, with yet another state-of-the-art 4G enabled product, Zong 4G Smart Car solution.

Zong 4G Smart Car solution takes the 4G users in a new realm of digitization, by offering three features in one innovative vehicle on-board diagnostics OBD –II device, monitored through a Mobile app for both Android and Apple users.

Providing connectivity on the go for its customers, the device offers:

  • Fastest 4G mobile internet, by turning the car into a Wi-Fi Hot-spot for up-to 10 smart phones and devices.
  • Car diagnostic monitoring; by obtaining vehicles on –board data such as RPM, speed, fuel level & mileage in real time.
  • Tracking capability; enabling the customers to track their vehicles in real time by setting safe zones and notifications pertinent to movement of vehicles in and out of the defined Geo fences.

The product, designed to make life easier in this fast pacing world, is now available for all Walk-In-Customers at Zong 4G Customer Service Centers in Islamabad and soon will be launched nationwide.

Easy to install, the Zong 4G Smart Car Solution is plug and play for all models of Honda and Toyota beyond the make of 2000. With as minimal time as 30 seconds for installation, the customers can immediately experience the connectivity on go and enter a world of new digital lifestyle.

Giving the customers a glimpse of technologically trans-formative experiences, free demos are available at Zong 4G Customer Service Centers, Islamabad.

The top- notch device, Zong 4G Smart Car solution demonstrates the unique ability to make seamlessly connected consumer experience to transform lives across the Pakistan through technology.


If you find all this interesting, you can visit your nearest Zong service center for complete demo. Zong 4G has proven again and again that it is one of the best data networks in Pakistan and fulfilling its promise of introducing state-of-art technology every now and then.