Zong Call Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2018 (Special Call Packages)

You can subscribe to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly bundles of Zong call packages 2018. All the call offers are very easy to activate and deactivate.

If you are interested to learn details of all the Zong call packages and their rates, you are landed on a right page. You will get info on Zong prepaid packages, that best are best both in terms of voice quality and price.

Call packages of Zong can be activated easily by just sending a simple code using your mobile phone. Each call offer has different code and below you will get all the details of Zong packages.

On Zong prepaid SIM you can activate daily, weekly or monthly bundles. Zong one day call package is perfect for you if you make excessive calls per day, then activate this bundle.

Daily call packages of Zong provides you an opportunity to make unlimited calls to any network i.e Ufone, Telenor or Jazz in very cheap rates.

If you want to make low price call then you can also subscribe to Zong to Zong call package. This offers allows you to make both on-net and off-net calls using the Zong free minutes in your bucket.

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Zong Call Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Bundles

Zong Call Packages

If you want to make Zong free calls unlimited then you should activate Zong daily or hourly call packages. The deal doesn’t end here, these offers also allows prepaid users to make Zong to Zong free calls for 24 hours. As promised we are going to share call packages details below.

Zong 2 Hour Call Package

This is a very unique call package offered by Zong because its just valid for 2 hours and allow you make free on-net calls during the time period. Below are the activation details of Zong 2 hour call package:

Offer Name Price On-Net minutes Other Incentives Validity Subscribing Code
Super Student Bundle 5+Tax Unlimited 30MB 2 Hours *5555#

On activation of this Zong hourly call package you will also get 30MB Zong internet for free.

Zong Daily Call Packages

All those packages that are valid for 24 hours only are included in this category. If you are interested in hourly offer then you should activate Zong student package that is shared above. To make Zong to Zong call full day, subscribe one of the packages shared below:

Offer Name Price On-Net Minutes Other Incentives Validity Subscribing Code
Daily Shaandar Offer 8+tax Unlimited 500 SMS, 50MB 1 day *999#
Daily Unlimited Offer 12+tax Unlimited 1MB Midnight same day *522#

If this is not enough, there are some more Zong prepaid call packages that you can activate on daily basis. This include Zong night call packages as well as Zong off net call packages, check them out below and subscribe to the one you like:

Offer Name Price On-Net Minutes Other Incentives Offer Not Applicable Subscribing Code Unsub Code
Student Bundle 3+Tax 120 6pm to 10pm *3000#
Hello 8+Tax 100 100 SMS, 50MB for Facebook N/A *2200*1# Unsub to 4952
Flutter 8+Tax 90 100 SMS N/A *369# Unsub to 369
Full Gup Shup 5+Tax 75 100 SMS, 30MB for WhatsApp N/A 118*1# Unsub to 1181
Sixer Plus 8+Tax Unlimited 500 SMS 6pm – 6am *666# Unsub to 666111
Non Stop Offer 10+Tax Unlimited 7pm – 10pm *777# Unsub to 7141
Perfect Package 12+Tax Unlimited 500 SMS, 40MB 7pm – 10pm *118*2# Unsub to 7171

With all these call bundles you will also get internet packages of Zong as a bonus. You can use it for watching YouTube videos or for social media apps like Whatsapp and Facebook.

Zong Call Packages Weekly

If you want to enjoy unlimited call for 7 days, then you should activate Zong weekly call packages. In this category Zong offers 3 major bundles that all prepaid customers can activate. Below are week package activation details:

Offer Name Price On-net minutes Other Incentives Validity Subscribing Code
Shaandar Haftawaar Offer 75+tax 1000 50 off-net, 1000 SMS, 350MB 7 days *7#
All-in-1 Weekly 95+tax 500 40 off-net, 500 SMS, 500MB 7 days *6464#
Weekly Unlimited Offer 63+tax Unlimited 150 SMS/day 7 days Send “PK7” at 522

For subscribing All-in-1 weekly package you need to follow some additional steps, dial *6464#, press 4 and then press 1 for activation.

Zong Monthly Call Packages

If you want a full month comfort you can recharge your account with Zong super load offer. Apart, from that Zong also offers some good call packages at an affordable rates. Below you will find complete details of Zong call packages monthly:

Offer Name Price On-Net Minutes Other Incentives Offer Not Applicable Subscribing Code Unsub Code
Supreme Offer 750 3000 300 off-net, 3000 SMS, 3000MB 30 days dial *3030# unsub 750 to 6464
Monthly Unlimited Offer 255+Tax Unlimited 500 SMS/day 30 days Send “PK30” to 522 Unsub to 522
Shandaar Mahana Offer 300+Tax 1000 100 off-net, 1000 SMS, 1000MB 30 days *1000# Send “unsub Mahana” to 7091
All-in-1 Monthly 500 500 1500 150 off-net, 1500MB, 1500 SMS 30 days *Dial *6464# > 4 > 2
All-in-1 Monthly 599 599+Tax Unlimited 2GB, 500 SMS/day 30 days SMS home1 to 6565
All-in-1 Monthly 799 799+Tax Unlimited 4GB, 500 SMS/day 30 days SMS home2 to 6565

Zong Economy Call Package

It is a default call package. Zong also offer economy package, which is best for day to day usage for making both on-net and off-net calls and SMS. Below are the complete details of this package:

Network Price
Call Rate (All channels) Rs 1.6/min
SMS (All networks) Rs.1+tax
MMS (All networks) Rs. 3.00
Mobile Internet Rs. 10/MB
Unlimited Mobile Internet Rs. 400/month
Unlimited SMS Rs. 3.99/day
Happy Hour Rs. 4.99 per hour
Friends and Family 5 Numbers
ZONG Friends and Family rate 50 Paisas

You need to activate Zong happy hour bundle and Zong ghanta call packages. Happy hours can be modified once in day. On activation of each offer user will be charged Rs.5+tax.

Zong Postpaid Call Packages

Zong also offer special call packages to postpaid SIM users. If you are one of them you can enjoy following call packages of Zong 4G.

Package Monthly Line Rent (Rs) Minimum Security Deposit (Rs.) On-net minutes Other incentives Basic Tariff for calls 
Z300 300+tax 600 500 100 off-net, 500 SMS, 1000MB on-net: 1.4/min
off-net: 1.4/min
Z500 500+tax 1000 1500 250 off-net, 1000 SMS, 2000MB on-net : 1.25/min off-net : 1.25/min
Z900 900+tax 2000 Unlimited 500 off-net,2000 SMS, 4000MB on-net: 0/min
off-net: 1.25/min
Z1500 1500+tax 3000 Unlimited 800 off-net, 4000 SMS, 8000MB on-net : 0/min
off-net: 1.25/min

You can send SMS ‘BL’ to 567 to acquire complete information related to a particular call package. For further details on activation of Zong call packages you can dial helpline number 310.

Zong International Call Packages

Apart from domestic bundles, you can also activate Zong international call packages or Zong international SMS packages. These are perfect for making worldwide calls and sending SMS to your loved ones. You will be charged per minute on all international calls. Below are the details of Zong international calls:

Charging Unit 20 Seconds Without Tax*
UK (landline) 45 paisa
USA 45 paisa
Canada 45 paisa
Saudi Arabia Rs. 4.5
UAE Rs. 4.5
Iran Rs. 4.5
Kuwait Rs. 4.5
Sri Lanka Rs. 4.5
Russia Rs. 4.5

Activation of all kind of Zong call packages is simple, you need to dial the code of the desired offer and you will receive package confirmation SMS. You can also check your remaining on-net and off-net free minutes. To unsubscribe any package codes are given above.

If you want to get details of call packages of Zong, dial helpline number 310 and your issue will be instantly addressed.

I hope you will find what you are looking for related to Zong call packages hourly, daily, weekly, monthly bundles. We will keep you updated with Zong new call packages and updates.

If we forgot to add something, you can suggest us to add it in this post. Use comment box below for your suggestions and feedback.


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