Zong Balance Check Code and Remaining Internet or SMS

Here is the Zong balance check code by which you can check your remaining SIM balance by easy way. This is one of the simplest method that you can try on your smartphone.

This method can be applied on all kind of Zong SIM in Pakistan. For Zong balance check karne ka tarika is very simple by sending a very easy SMS code.

There is not doubt Zong is the best service provider and also offer Zong SIM lagao offer balance check with free 7GB internet and SMS bundles.

Mostly SIM users also face a problem of how to check Zong number? and few of them also faces an issue of, how to check Zong internet balance?

Answer of all these problems is just a simple code. All you need to send an SMS to a code to check Zong balance.

Zong also offers fastest internet services to its prepaid and postpaid users. For this you can check Zong net offer 3G and 4G.

You can also get advance balance of Zong if you are running out of balance.

Zong Balance Check Code and Remaining Internet MBs or SMS

How to Zong Balance Check Code

In most of the Zong internet packages user faces issue how to check remaining MBs in Zong 4G device. It can be done if you remember this code and can use it any time to check balance in Zong SIM.

Zong is offering very economical and best call rates in Pakistan. You can make Zong to Zong free calls.

How to Check Zong Remaining Balance

One of the simplest way of checking Zong remaining balance online with a code, pickup your smartphone and dial the code given below:

Check Price Subscribe
Balance Minor Company Charges *222#

Its very easy, open keypad of your phone and dial *222# and press the call button on your smartphone. After dialing this code your remaining Zong balance will appear on your screen. This is how to check zong balance, I hope you won’t face any problem in it.

Zong SMS packages can also be check in the same manner but the code for it checking SMS balance is different. You may also find it interesting to learn how to check zong number if you have zero balance.

Codes for checking remaining internet MBs data, Zong remaining free minutes is also different. But below we are going to share one code using which you can check all kind of remaining data; internet, call, SMS, free minutes.

How to Check Zong Internet Balance

If you want to check Zong remaining internet MBs in 4g device or on your SIM, follow the simple steps below:

  • Open your phone Dialpad
  • Dial *102# and press call button
  • From the menu on your screen you can select the desired option

With *102# you can check remaining internet data of all Zong internet packages i.e daily, weekly, monthly as well as balance of your Zong super load.

How to Check Remaining MBs in Zong 4G Device

Here is the simple method of checking Zong MBB device remaining internet sources:

  • Dial *6767# from your smartphone
  • Select option “Usage of MBB #” from the menu
  • You will receive a message on your Master Number containing information on remaining internet MBs on your MBB Number.

The above mentioned code will work for checking remaining internet of all Zong MBB device packages. It is tested and 100% working Zong balance check code. If you face any difficulty in it, do let us know in comments box below.

How to Check Zong Remaining Balance Using My Zong App

How to Use My Zong App

Here is another simple method of Zong balance check code and its absolutely free. Follow the simple steps below for checking remaining internet MBs, SMS and call minutes using My Zong App.

  • Download and install My Zong App from android play store.
  • You need to signup for it using your Zong number. You can use same number for signing in next time.
  • Once you will sign in you will be see different menus like My Account, Usage Details, Data Manager, Call History etc. You have to select My Account option for Zong balance check without any cost.

Here is a video tutorial on how to install My Zong App:

You can also visit Zong portal after getting connected with Zong internet and visit for checking internet balance of Zong device.

This post will help you in Zong balance check code and remaining internet or SMS. Hope you will like it. Don’t forget to share Zong package check code on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


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