Zong 50GB Package Special Monthly Internet Offer

Recently we shared a detailed information of Zong MBB device prices and packages. But people are still keen to know how they can activate Zong 50GB package of internet on their devices.

There is variety of Zong MBB packages which include 5 different types of monthly packages, quarterly, semi-annually and special yearly based Zong internet packages. Its not only their validity is different, these bundles offers different data limits as well.

Zong net packages for internet devices start from 24GB per month limit and has maximum limit of 50GB. You can get special discount on internet packages of Zong by getting an annual subscription. We will also share this trick to get Zong internet package at cheap rates.

Zong 50GB Package

So, without wasting any single moment, let’s jump on to actual topic which is, subscribing monthly and yearly Zong 50GB package.

Zong 50GB Package Activation and Price

There are three different types of Zong 4G 50GB package, and they are listed below:

  • Zong 50GB Monthly Package
  • Zong 50GB 6 Months Package
  • Zong 50GB Yearly Package

Prices of all the above mentioned internet plans are different, we are going to discuss them one by one below.

Zong 50GB Monthly Package

The first package in 50GB category is the monthly internet plan. As its name suggest this offer is only valid for 30 days only. Below are the details about the Zong 4G packages 50GB:

  • This package will cost you Rs. 2,500.
  • You will get 50GB data.
  • Validity of this package is 1 month.

If you consumed 50GB before 30 days, you need to recharge your account and activate the package again.

50GB 6 Months Zong Package

The only different between this net plan and monthly offer is the validity and price. Per month data limit is same for both monthly and 6 months package. Below are the details of this special Zong internet plan:

  • Price of 6 month package is Rs. 10,000.
  • On activation you will get 50GB data per month.
  • This package is valid for six months.

If you are a regular internet user, you can save Rs. 5000 by activating this package instead of monthly package.

Zong 50GB Package Yearly

In annual subscription of this Zong internet package, you will be able to enjoy 50GB of internet per month. Here are more details about this special yearly plan:

  • Cost of this 12 months package is Rs. 18,000.
  • You will get 50GB data per month for full 1 year.
  • This package is valid for 1 year.

On activation of this yearly package you can save Rs. 12,000. I will tell you below how you can save big on these Zong net packages.

In order to check remaining internet balance you can simply dial *102# and select the package from the menu for details.

How to Activate Zong Internet 50GB Package

There are several methods that you can use to subscribe to 50GB internet plan of Zong. Below we are sharing all the way to subscribe the plans:


  • Recharge your Zong master sim number with the amount required for activation of package i.e Rs. 2,500/ Rs. 10,000 / Rs. 18,000.
  • Dial *6767# from Zong master sim or *6363# from MBB device interface (
  • From here you can subscribe to any MBB device interne package.


Visit your nearest Zong franchise or retailer and ask the representative to activate the Zong 50GB package.


Call on Zong helpline 310 and tell the customer service representative about the activation of 50GB internet. He will activate the package for you.

Trick To Get Free Zong Internet Packages

Here is a smart trick by which you can save big amount on activation of internet packages of Zong. I suggest you to activate Zong 6 month or yearly package. Reason for this is if you pay Rs. 2,500 per at the end of year you will end up paying Rs. 30,000. If you activate 6 month 50GB package you will save Rs. 5,000 and on annual activation of 50GB plan you can save Rs. 12,000, isn’t it amazing.

Hope you will like this post on Zong 50GB internet package. If you have any question or facing any difficulty in package activation, you can write us in the comment box below.