Zong 4G Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly Internet

Zong 4G packages offers a very high speed internet on smartphone and tablets. You can also use your mobile internet on laptops by using tethering feature in your phone.

Zong 4G internet packages code is different for daily, weekly and monthly bundles. Apart from this, you can also use free zong internet offers which are suitable for using Facebook and Twitter. You can activate the package of your own choice and enjoy fast internet in Pakistan.

Zong 4G Packages

Zong 4G Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly Internet

All the Zong sim users have variety of internet packages to choose from. In this post we are going to share all the Zong 4G packages and you can subscribe to your best fit.

Zong Free 3G / 4G Package for Facebook

Don’t have a balance in Zong SIM? Don’t worry still you can use free Facebook on Zong using the Flex feature. This wonderful feature provides you access to Facebook feed even if you have zero balance. To activate this package all you need to do is to switch between DATA mode and FREE mode and no other subscription is requited. This is Zong only Facebook package.

Zong Twitter Only 3G / 4G Package

If you want to check your twitter feed and make some status updates, Zong twitter package is perfect for you. Below are some important details related to activation of this Zong social package:

  • For activation of this package dial *6464# from your phone.
  • This package will cost you Rs. 2 exclusive tax and you will get 20MB internet just for twitter.
  • Validity of this offer is just 1 day.
  • You can check your remaining internet bundle by dialing *102#

Zong Social Package

Social Zong package is for Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp users. This Zong internet packages 4G LTE offer is valid for 24 hours only and below are some brief information about this package:

  • For subscription of Zong social pack (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter) dial *6464#
  • Activation charges of this offer is just Rs. 10 – Excluding Taxes.
  • You will get 100MB free internet data for using on popular social networks.
  • Package validity is just 1 day.
  • Remaining MBs can be checked by dialing *102#

Zong Day Time Offer 4G Package

Daytime offer is one of the most economical package with 4G speed offered by Zong to its users across Pakistan. For activation check Zong daytime offer code below:

  • To get daytime offer type “dto” and send to 6464.
  • This package will cost your Rs. 12 – Excluding Taxes.
  • On subscription you will get 1.024 GB of free internet
  • Offer is valid for 24 hours only (between 4AM – 4PM)

Zong Good Night 3G / 4G Package

If you are a night surfer, this package is perfect for you. With this offer you can use up-to 2GB internet in single night. Below are the information related to Zong good night offer.

  • Type “gno” in SMS and send it to 6464 to activate Zong goodnight offer
  • It will cost you Rs. 12 – Excluding Taxes.
  • On activation user will get 2.048GB internet data
  • Package is valid for 1 day and Zong goodnight offer timing are 1AM – 9AM.

Zong Whatsapp Daily 3G / 4G Package

Enjoy Whatsapp all day long by activating this special package. Using this offer you can make voice calls, video calls and also send messages as well.

  • Zong Whatsapp daily code is *4# and by dialing it your package will be activated.
  • Rs. 15 is subscription cost of this offer
  • On activation user will get 150MB Zong free internet data which can be use for Whatsapp only.
  • 1 day is the validity of this package.

These are the details of daily package but you can also activate Zong monthly Whatsapp package.

Zong Daily Max 3G / 4G Package

It is one of the most economical daily Zong 4G internet offer for SIM users. For activation of Zong daily max package follow the simple instructions given below:

  • For subscription of daily max 4G internet package dial *5#
  • Price of this bundle is Rs. 35.
  • You can use up-to 500MB free internet under this plan.
  • Package is valid for 1 day and will be auto-renewed after 24 hours.

Enjoy Zong 4G packages unlimited by activating any of the offers shared above. We have shared all the details; Zong mbb packages, price and validity of each of the bundle. If you still have any confusion related to any of the Zong internet package don’t hesitate to write us, using the comments box below.