High Speed Zong 4G Device Monthly Internet Packages

Do you want to activate any of the Zong 4G internet packages? Here I am going to share with you guys Zong 4G device MBB monthly offers and bundles.

There is no doubt Zong is providing best and high speed 4G internet in Pakistan. It provides 15% extra data on every new balance load.

If you compare the rates of Zong internet 3G or 4G with other networks, you will come to know that Zong is providing best and cheap rates.

You can buy Zong 4G internet devices from franchise or authorize dealer and activate any monthly package of your choice.

Monthly Based Zong 4G Internet Packages for Prepaid Users

Zong 4G Internet Packages

These monthly based packages that we are going to share below are just for the smartphone users. It can be activated in any smartphone.

Most of the Zong network users like GB net offer, daily, weekly or monthly net packages. You can activate monthly Zong internet packages by following the simple steps given below:

Monthly Based Zong 4G Internet Packages for Prepaid Users

Zong also offers mini monthly package. In this package prepaid users get 150MB internet data at a low price of just Rs.50.

In monthly Zong internet packages you will get 500MB of data at a price of Rs.150. You can do Zong internet balance check by dialing a simple code to keep everything in your budget.

If you are Youtuber or download lot of stuff then you can activate Zong monthly premium package. It allows you to download 6GB data at an economical charges of Rs.600.

To activate any of the above monthly Zong 4G packages for mobiles, just dial:


This code will open up tariff menu on your mobile screen. From the menu you can activate the required package.

Zong 3G/4G Device Monthly Internet Packages

Zong 3G/4G Device Monthly Internet Packages

This package is only for for Zong 4G Bolt wingle device users. There are 5 different type of bundles that Zong offers to its device holders. Below are the details of packages:

Bundle 1

In this package you will get 24GB of internet data for just Rs.1,500 per month

This package is best for the people who have minimal use of internet but they want fast internet speed.

Bundle 2

In Bundle 2 you can avail Zong 50GB internet package data for just Rs.2,500 per month. A useful package for social media users and web surfers.

Bundle 3

Zong in this internet package offers 100GB of internet data for just Rs.5,000 per month. You can freely watch YouTube videos and use social media apps.

Bundle 4

In Bundle 4 you will get 150GB of internet data for just Rs.8,000 per month. This package is best for office users.

Bundle 5

Zong in bundle 5 provide 200GB of internet data for just Rs.10,000 per month. This packages is suitable for shared users.

* All the packages listed above are inclusive of taxes.

* Validation of all the packages is just one month, if you didn’t consumed all the data it will be expired automatically at the end of the month.

For activation of Zong 4G device packages visit your nearest franchise or login to your admin panel of your device for activation.

All the packages are shared above are monthly based. Activate the any of the Zong 4G internet packages and enjoy the lightning fast internet speed at economical rates.