Zong 4G Haftawar Load Offer [Free Minutes and Mobile Internet MBs]

Zong 4G Haftawar load offer is a new package introduced by Zong Pakistan. This offer include all the things that a smartphone user want. On activation of this weekly offer user will be able to enjoy free on & off net call, SMS and internet on their device at very economical rates.

Haftawar load offer is similar to the Zong super load. The different between the two is the validity and resources that user gets on activation. Haftawar package is valid just for a week whereas super load is valid for a month. You will get more internet data, SMS and free call minutes in monthly bundles as compare to weekly, which is quiet obvious.

Zong 4G Haftawar Load Offer

Zong 4G Haftawar Load Offer

If you are looking for best Zong internet package, below you will find all the details related to Zong 4G haftawar offer that provide a good internet data at decent price.

Zong Haftawar Offer

Items Code
Balance Required Rs. 250
Zong to Zong Free Call Minutes 1500
Other Network Free Call Minutes 100
SMS 1500
Mobile Internet MBs 1500
Validity 7 Days
Activation Code *70#

It is a complete package that provides call minutes, SMS and internet data at a very cheap price. A best choice for weekly subscribers.

Haftawar Offer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to subscribe Zong haftawar load offer?

For subscribing this package you can send a message Weekly250 to 6464.

How to unsubscribe haftawar offer?

For unsubscribing or de-activation of weekly offer type Unsub weekly250 in message and send to 6464.

What are the charges of Zong haftawar package?

Cost of this Zong weekly package is just Rs. 250.

What is the validity of haftawr offer?

As the name suggest this package of Zong 4G is only valid for 7 days. After week this offer will be automatically deactivated and your available resources will be expired.

Zong Haftawar Load Offer
Article Name
Zong Haftawar Load Offer
Haftawar load offer is a weekly package offered by Zong. It provides free minutes, SMS and internet MBs in just Rs. 250.

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