How to Get 1GB Free Zong Internet 3G 4G Package for 3 Days

Learn how to get 1GB free Zong internet 2G/3G/4G net on your smartphone. In this post I will share with all Pakistanis a method by which you can enjoy Zong free internet for 3 days. This package can be activated anytime of the day, week or month.

This Zong 1GB free net offer is only for old sim prepaid users. This package can’t be activated on new sims.

How to Activate 1GB Free Zong Internet

Here you will find information on free zong internet with VPN. You can also activate this 1GB data offer free on Zong internet device.

How to Get 1GB Free Zong Internet

Follow the simple steps give below for activation of Zong 1GB free internet data offer:

How to Activate 1GB Free Zong Internet 3G 4G Package for 3 Days

  • Open your smartphone dial pad
  • Dial *10# for activating 1GB free internet
  • Now you can enjoy free net of Zong for 3 days

You can activate the same package by another method and is very simple as well. All you need to do is to send message “Y” to “6767”.

Zong is providing fastest internet to Pakistani users which helps you to enjoy speedy browsing and video streaming on any hour of the day.

Here you must know that this 1GB free Zong internet package is only available for old sim users. If you are activating a new sim, you won’t be able to activate this offer.

This free net offer from Zong is only valid for 3 days. Whether you use it or not this will expire automatically.

In Pakistan Zong is the first company to provide 4G LTE internet to its sim users. There full speed internet is grabbing attention of many users and other network users are going for MNP (mobile number portability). This allows them to switch Zong network without changing their number.

Activate any of the Zong internet packages 4G or 3G and get unlimited speed on your smartphone or tablet. This 1GB free net offer helps you to enjoy your favorite social media apps and browsing internet.